Extended Health Benefits

We deliver precision planning and support through Canada's Best Benefits Plan™, supported by our proprietary BeneTrack Indicator System™.

Extended health benefits

Canada's Best Benefits Plan™

Outcome-Driven Design & Strategy

Managing an extended health plan is a careful balance of costs and target outcomes. Starting with the end in mind, we help organizations develop total-wellbeing plans to support their members.

Cost Containment

Over time even the best managed benefits plans can become inefficient. The key to protecting the integrity of the plan is a consistent system to review plan usage. With the BeneTrack Indicator System™, we help organizations catch trends before they become a surprise expense.

Ongoing Account Management

Working with health insurers and vendors can be a time consuming task, and well outside of the core value proposition of most organizations. We ensure the delivery of best-in-class services from Canada's top vendors without the hassle of distracting administrative issues.

Risk and Compliance Monitoring

With ever shifting regulations and employee expectations, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. As seasoned experts who put their knowledge to work in this space every day, we help organizations stay both competitive and compliant.

Integration with Total Compensation

Extended health programs don't exist in a vaccuum. They form a part of the total compensation package offered by your organization. Using deep industry benchmark data, we can help develop and integrate a competitve plan in the context of total compensation.

Global Health Solutions

The Canadian medical system is there for all of us, but sometimes delays in treatment can cause unintended side effects that affect workplace performance. If a member of your senior management or executive team is diagnosed with a medical issue, MedAnywhere by CBPP™ can help deliver a fast care response through our global referral network.


Why should we ask CBPP to review our extended health benefits plan?

CBPP believes group benefits are most effective when designed within the framework of total compensation and backed up by regular member engagement. While many agents can help your organization find the lowest price, we have the experience and depth necessary to deliver an exceptional member experience.

If we have both our extended health benefits and our group savings plan with the same provider, can we get better pricing?

Yes, most of Canada's top insurance-based providers offer preferred pricing for holding multiple services with the same provider.

What can be done about increases to our benefit plan costs?

A proactive consultant like CBPP can help your organization head off surprise cost increases by frequent trend reporting, analysis and recommendations. Regular competitive market surveys conducted by seasoned consultants can also be a powerful tool to help keep costs in check without slashing benefits.

How do we know if our benefits plan is competitve with others in our industry, or in general?

When you work with a professional benefits consultant like CBPP, you also get access to deep data resources. This information can be leaned on to benchmark competitive offers to help ensure your organization remains competitive.