The Intelligent Insurance Process

Grow your wealth, manage your risk, and protect your estate.

The Intelligent Insurance process is a method we have used for over 25 years to help high net worth Canadians protect their wealth through advanced strategies using life insurance contracts.

Business owners, real estate investors, and families with multi-generational wealth trust the Intelligent Insurance process to deliver results.

step 1

Intelligent Discovery

Intelligent Discovery helps our team work with your trusted advisors to identify scenarios where life insurance can deliver outsized gains. There are no costs and there is no obligation to pursue any strategies uncovered during the Intelligent Discovery process. Accountants, lawyers and financial advisors may also engage us to conduct an anonymous discovery where the identity of their client is not revealed to us.

step 2

Intelligent Strategy

The Intelligent Strategy process is the next logical step where we map out the details of the plan in plain English. This is where the math is done and the numbers tell the story. If the scenarios presented make sense to all stakeholders, then we move on to the next step.

step 3

Intelligent Implementation

Life insurance is the core of the Intelligent Insurance strategy and Intelligent Implementation ensures everything goes smoothly. From paperwork to medicals and underwriting, we make sure the application is prepared and professionally executed. This reduces delays to help ensure the process moves forward without distraction.

step 4

Intelligent Review

Advanced life insurance strategies require on-going care and attention by a skilled team of professionals. The Intelligent Review process ensures annual reviews go smoothly and trusted advisors are provided with accurate documents for tax reporting. This review process also keeps all stakeholders informed if tax laws change and in communication for any required modifications.

Risk Management with Intelligent Insurance Strategies

Unexpected departures, unintended tax consequences and illness cause billions of dollars of loss every year. Here's how you can use Intelligent Insurance Strategies to help protect yourself and your loved ones.

tax liabilities that impact cash flow

The sale of a business, real estate investment property or transfer of assets to the next generation can cause crippling tax liabilities that can't be covered by cash on hand or recurring cash flows. That means a forced sale of an asset, sometimes in unfavorable conditions, is necessary to cut those big cheques to the CRA. Life insurance, designed intelligently, can be there to help cover those costs without the destruction of wealth that too often follows.

buy-sell agreements

When there is more than one person who owns a company, things can get complicated when one of the owners dies. This is true even with legal agreements in place and the accounting all done well. But what happens when the surviving owners don't have the cash on hand to buy out the shares of the deceased? The added stress on the remaining owners and the family of the deceased can cause immense strain and affect performance of the business overall. None of this is necessary. All that's required is an Intelligent Insurance policy that covers the appropriate value of shares of all owners.

key person protection

The 80/20 rule says that 80% of the output of an organization comes from 20% of its employees. Most business owners will tell you that ratio is closer to 90/10. For the few that have the biggest impact on the bottom line, an Intelligent Insurance strategy can help you protect your business in the case of sudden illness or death of a key employee.

family protection

As a business owner you have dedicated a large portion of your life to your enterprise. Usually this doesn't happen without the loving support of one's family. We won't candy-coat this: You owe it to your family to protect them in case of sudden death or illness. An Intelligent Insurance solution will ensure your loved ones are protected. Don't delay on this one. If you don't have coverage to protect your family, click here to book a time to speak with us.