Who We Serve

CBPP works with forward-thinking organizations to enhance wellbeing through professionally managed pension plans, group savings plans and extended health benefits.

A Shared Belief

Our clients believe that empowered members help build powerful organizations.

We couldn't agree more.

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Customized Solutions for Any Industry

Small and mid-sized businesses

Help your employees and enhance your bottom line with a customized plan.

Associations and unions

Support the wellbeing of members throughout their career.

Educational institutions

Support faculty and staff with consistent messaging, care and attention.

Custom Plans to Meet your needs

With CBPP in your corner you can be confident that the full weight of our organization is available to support you. Whether a single pension plan or a multiple segment hybrid plan, our professional approach will help your organization stand out from the competition.


Robust design, worry-free admin and retirement transition planning are all part of our flagship DC Pension Plan consulting service with Canada's Best Pension Plan™.

Group Savings

There are many options available for group savings plans, from Group RRSPs to deferred profit-sharing, TFSAs and more. Make sure your organization has the best there is to offer through Canada's Best Retirement Plan™.

Extended Health Benefits

Canada's leading organizations attract and retain talent with best-in-class extended health benefit programs. However, balancing the desire to deliver the best within cost constraints can be a delicate act. We help your organization strike the perfect balance with Canada's Best Benefits Plan™.

Employee & Family Assistance

Retirement and health benefits are important, and so is mental health. Whether critical incident support, cognitive behavioral therapy, elder care or more, we have your back through our cost-effective EAP Direct™ program.

Financial Education

Between work, family and everything else in between, it can be difficult to take care of long term targets like retirement. The key to success is financial education that's accessible and delivered in bite-sized pieces. To help ensure our plan members have a world-class experience, we deliver high-frequency financial education through our online platform called re:money™.