Professional Pension Design & Management

Improve the financial wellbeing of your plan members through our flagship consulting service with Canada's Best Pension Plan™.

Canada's Best Pension Plan

Introducing Canada's best pension plan

What's in a Pension Plan?

Design & Strategy

A lot goes into making a defined contribution plan work for everyone. From design to investment selection and retirement transition, there are critical choices along the way that require a professional touch. That's why we developed Canada's Best Pension Plan™.

Robust design

DC Administration

Administration should never be a barrier to the delivery of a world-class pension plan. Our consistent, professional approach to plan administration ensures that your team is informed and equipped to efficiently meet all reporting and management requirements.

worry-free admin

Governance & Legal

Capital Accumulation Plan guidelines continue to evolve as the Canadian retirement space continues to grow at a rapid pace. Through Canada's Best Pension Plan™ you can be assured that your DC pension plan is always up-to-date with the latest in governance requirements.

CAP Compliant

Risk Management

Along with governance and administrative requirements, there are other potential risks along the way when offering a DC pension plan. Our Annual Goalsetting Workshop ensures risks are identified, documented and addressed so your organization can head off any potential issues well before they become problematic.

automatic risk review

Decumulation & Retirement

For most people, the end goal of a plan participant is to retire from their daily occupation. As demographics continue to shift, large segments of the population are within a few years of retiring, or they have already retired. Through our education and referral platform, we help ensure your valued employees have a smooth transition into the next phase of life.

Retirement transition


How does CBPP work with existing DC pension plans?

CBPP is licensed and directly contracted to work with the top insurance provider based DC pension plan providers. We assume the role as your agent for your plan, replacing your current agent.

Why would I assign CBPP as the agent for our plan instead of our current agent?

As your organization grows, so do the opportunities and risks associated with your plan. As pension, CAP and group compensation specialists, we have a unique role to play as professional, dedicated consultants in your corner.

Why should I take the time to review our plan with CBPP?

Most plans are on autopilot and remain so for years, if not decades. Over the years new offerings have popped up in the market with better fees, more features, more investment options and vastly improved technology for higher member engagement. If you haven't taken a deep look at your plan with a qualified DC pension plan specialist within the last 5 years, now is the time to take action for the sake of your plan members.

Are there pricing advantages if we have more than one service with a single provider?

Yes, today's leading vendors have made it easy to add different types of accounts like Group TFSAs and RRSPs while respecting existing fee arrangements. Some vendors also offer a convergence bonus resulting in lower costs on all programs.