Private Client Services

Gain a unique perspective and exclusive access to investment and financial planning services from the professionals at CBPP.

Investment Management Referral Service

If you have built up an investment portfolio of over $300,000, did you know that you can get a higher level of service, more investment choices and lower fees by working directly with your own, dedicated professional investment portfolio manager?

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Direct Access to the Top Private Investment Managers in Canada

Our referral service connects you directly with the top professional investment portfolio managers in Canada. This cuts out the bank or insurance company in the middle so you get direct access to the best investing minds in the country, at a lower cost.

Ideal for Executives, Professionals and High Income Earners

Pooled investments like mutual funds are a great way to start saving and investing. However, once you grow your investment portfolio over $300,000 there are better ways to manage your investments. If you've already saved and invested to reach this threshold, congratulations. Now a higher level of service and expertise awaits.

More Choice, Better Expertise, Lower Fees

Working with your own private investment portfolio manager allows for portfolio customization and tax optimization that isn't available with standard bank or insurance company investments. When your portfolio grows, taxes and fees have a bigger impact on your total investment return. When you combine lower fees with lower taxes and a broader mix of investment choices not available to bank mutual funds investors, you have a recipe for better results.

Let's Make It Happen - It's Easy

Moving up to a higher level of investment management is easy. All it takes is one conversation to see if professional portfolio management is right for you. Book a time with us by clicking here and we can help you decide if you would like an introduction to a vetted, professional, high-performing investment portfolio manager.