Group RRSP, DPSP & TFSA Programs

We work closely with your organization to build, guide and monitor group savings plans through Canada's Best Retirement Plan™.

Custom, Effective Solutions with Canada's Best Retirement Plan

Custom Design & Strategy

In addition to defined-contribution plans, Canadian organizations have a wide array of choices when designing a group savings plan. We developed Canada's Best Retirement Plan™ to ensure every opportunity is explored when designing or amending an employee savings program.

Hybrid Plans

As part of our multi-pronged strategy, we consider the various savings program structures as different buckets that can be used as required. Whether a simple Group RRSP or a program that combines the best of multiple plan structures, Canada's Best Retirement Plan™ will help your organization build an effective, customized solution.

CAP Compliance

As professional pension consultants, we apply our depth of CAP compliance knowledge as the standard for group savings plans. In our view, applying the highest standard of compliance is the key to both protecting your organization and ensuring the best outcomes for employees.

Financial Wellness Education

A plan without guidance can be a risk to the organization and an exercise in frustration for employees. Every plan we managed comes packaged complimentary with re:money, our employee financial wellness and education platform.


Why should we ask CBPP to review our group savings strategy?

Today's environment is highly competitive for top talent. Because of our depth and specialization in group plans, we can help your organization make meaningful improvements to your plan to help you attract and retain your best.

How can I help plan members invest for the long term and not withdraw their funds every year?

With a hybrid or deferred profit-sharing plan your organization can put limits on withdrawals and protect the contributions made by the organization. Book a demo to see how.

what can be done to help memebrs who don't participate in the plan?

A lack of member engagement is usually a symptom of insufficient communication. Because of our member communication platform, we see dramatic and positive change when we take over the management of a plan.

Why should I take the time to facilitate a review? why now?

A lot has changed in the world of group savings plans over the past few years. Fees have come way down and there are better investment options and account structures available from more providers. Unless your current plan agent or consultant is actively pursuing plan improvements on a regular basis, you might be missing out on meaningful improvements.