Improve Outcomes with Employee & Family Assistance

We partner with Canada’s leading Employee Assistance providers to deliver cost-effective employee and family wellbeing services through our EAP Direct™ program.

Employee Assistance & Wellbeing

Life happens, whether in the workplace or at home. Sometimes we all need a little extra help to get our lives moving in a positive direction. We help organizations help their employees when it's needed most. We do this through top-tier partners who deliver confidential health services and counselling through employee & family assitance programs.

Critical Incident Support

As in life, the unexpected can happen in the workplace or in areas that affect your community as a whole. Being prepared with a partner who can help your employees process traumatic events is the best kind of forward thinking.

Mental Health Support

Professional counselling can help bridge the gap between a rough patch and a brighter future. Whether in-person, over the phone or internet-based congnitive behavioral therapy (iCBT), counselling delivered through an EAP is a powerful message that you support your employees.

Health System Support

The Canadian health system is a complex system that can be challenging to navigate, especially when dealing with an accute care issue. Navigation assistance through an EAP can help your employees get expert advice on how to get the most out of the system to ensure the best outcome possible.

Caregiving Support

As the generations shift, age-related illnesses impact the whole family. Through a well-designed EAP you can offer your employees caregiving and care support for elderly parents with care transitions, community care and any related support.


Why should we review our EAP if we already have it through our benefits plan?

Many of the EAP offerings in Canada are resold through health benefits insurance providers. This adds an extra layer of cost and a layer of inefficiency that isn't necessary. You can go direct to the EAP provider with the assitance of a consultant like CBPP.

How do I help members of our organization understand that eap assistance is confidential?

Communication is key and that's where CBPP shines. We become a trusted 3rd party that can help your organization communicate the benefit of getting help around sensitive issues. We do this through high frequency communication using re:money, our member engagement platform that's customized for each organization.

Can EAP services be delivered remotely?

Yes, most EAP services can be delivered remotely and are coordinated using modern, accessible platforms.

Do any EAP services offer one point of contact for ongoing cases?

Yes, the leading EAP providers in Canada offer one professional point of contact per case so your members won't feel the need to retell their story every time they call in.