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Expertise your organization can trust for pensions, group savings, extended health and the wellbeing of your employees.

Our services help support the employees of leading Canadian organizations


Robust design, worry-free admin and retirement transition planning are all part of our flagship DC Pension Plan consulting service with Canada's Best Pension Plan™.

group savings

There are many options available for group savings plans, from Group RRSPs to deferred profit-sharing, TFSAs and more. Make sure your organization has the best there is to offer through Canada's Best Retirement Plan™.

extended health benefits

Canada's leading organizations attract and retain talent with best-in-class extended health benefit programs. However, balancing the desire to deliver the best within cost constraints can be a delicate act. We help your organization strike the perfect balance with Canada's Best Benefits Plan™.

employee & family assistance

Retirement and health benefits are important, and so is mental health. Whether critical incident support, cognitive behavioral therapy, elder care or more, we have your back through our cost-effective EAP Direct™ program.

Financial Education

Between work, family and everything else in between, it can be difficult to take care of long term targets like retirement. The key to success is financial education that's accessible and delivered in bite-sized pieces. To help ensure our plan members have a world-class experience, we deliver high-frequency financial education through our online platform called re:money™.

We Believe Values Matter

A Heart For People

Money is important and we recognize it isn’t most people’s “first language”. Anyone who asks for our help will be met with a genuine desire to make their lives better. That’s what drives us at CBPP.


As consultants serving people from all walks of life, we live by the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. To back it up with action, we follow the highest standard of best practices as outlined by the FP Canada Standards of Professional Responsibility.

Education is Key

We believe financial wellness is driven by knowledge. Our core process starts from the perspective of education to ensure all stakeholders (and their advisors) are equipped to make informed decisions.


Our services are driven through close collaboration with our partners and our clients’ trusted advisors. Whether it’s a trusted CPA, legal counsel, trustee or portfolio manager, we recognize the importance of working together.


Through our work with business owners, we have the privilege of learning best practices from a broad range of industries. We use what we learn to bring the latest innovations to our mature industry.


We do what we say. We’re on time. We say please and thank you. We return phone calls. We’re proactive in our problem solving. We are seasoned professionals.

How we work for your organization



Your organization deserves to work with a professional team that can bring years of experience to the table and understand your goals at a global level. During the discovery process, you talk and we listen.



Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are world-class compensation plans. We take what we learn in our discovery process and develop a long-term plan to ensure employee wellbeing, both now and in the future.



We proceed with plan enhancements and strategies only after careful planning and discussions with stakeholders. Communication remains at the forefront as we implement your strategic plan, one step at a time.


Discover what your plan could look like.