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If you want the best for your employees, choose CBPP as your agent to manage your organization’s Group RRSP or Pension Plan.

Have You Experienced Any of These Issues with Your Group RRSP or Pension Plan?

  1. The agent for your Group RRSP or Pension Plan has retired, sold their business, or otherwise disappeared.

  2. Your company has gone through a merger or acquisition, or is planning for one.

  3. Decision makers at your company have departed or retired.

  4. Poor investment performance, lack of communication, or unresponsive support from your agent or insurance carrier.

  5. Employees are exhibiting signs of financial stress, including poor performance and absenteeism.

... if so, it's time to give CBPP a call.

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CBPP will lift your group retirement plan to the next level.

As a business owner, CFO or head of HR, you know the demands of today’s employees. A high-performing, effective and efficient Group RRSP or Pension Plan is part of any serious total compensation package.

Your agent is the key to making this happen, so you want to work with the best.

At CBPP, we are retirement plan experts with decades of experience working in senior roles at Canada’s largest financial institutions. We understand investing and compliance at a higher level than most insurance sales agents.

Your group retirement plan is not an “add-on” to an employee health benefits package. It requires the skills and expertise of a specialist to get maximum value for you and your employees.

That expertise is the difference you and your employees will feel when you choose CBPP as the agent for your plan.

And that’s why our clients have helped us grow to become Western Canada’s largest independent agent for group retirement plans.

Our Process Makes Us Different

We Can Help You Bridge the Gap

Watch the short video below to learn how to choose the best consultant for your Group RRSP or Pension Plan.

We come from a long history of working with high-net-worth business owners. In our experience, most business owners and senior managers appreciate the importance of process.
Process is what can differentiate a great business from a poor one. The same is true of a great group retirement plan versus an ineffective plan.
As Western Canada’s largest independent group retirement plan consulting firm, we’re pleased to present our proprietary group retirement plan management process. We call it the Wealth at Work 5.

Of the 5 disciplines in our process, which one would you most want to improve?

1. The Design Filter

Every organization has different needs, and the design of the group retirement plan should reflect those differences. Account types, funding formulas, investment options, payroll taxes, and total compensation models all play an important role in plan design. Our design process helps ensure the right fit for your organization.

2. The Fee Optimizer

The number one drain on investment performance is investment management fees. Most investment managers for a given asset class are interchangeable. And with the advent of index funds, most investment management has become a commodity. Ensuring fees are in line with the size and structure of the plan is critical. Our in-depth and continuous fee optimization strategy ensures you and your employees get true value for your money.

3. The Employee Booster

The number one failing of most group retirement plans is the lack of employee education and communication. This is because group retirement plan providers leave it up to the agent to manage this process. In our experience, most agents don't deliver in this area. We are different and pride ourselves on our world class employee education strategy. Thousands of plan members enjoy the popular weekly re:money newsletter. And full integration with financial advisory services from multiple group plan providers ensures your employees get the support they want.

4. The Compliance Elevator

Making sure your group retirement plan operates at a professional standard is crucial. We help ensure Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) guidelines are followed and well documented for all registered pension plans. We use our extensive pension management knowledge to apply the highest level of management standards here as well.

5. The Organization Accelerator

What good is a world-class retirement plan if you have no way of telling the world about it? We work with our clients to build custom info sheets to help attract and retain talent at all levels. We also ensure plan providers and record keepers maintain the highest level of service for HR and payroll personnel. With a winning communication strategy and efficient admin team, your plan will be hard to beat.

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About Us

Experience and Expertise

CBPP was formed in 2016 after members of our executive leadership team departed from senior roles at Canada's largest financial institution.

Blending our big business know-how and investment management expertise, CBPP was launched to immediate warm reception and success.

As part of our DNA, CBPP is proud to follow the highest standard of best practices as outlined by the FP Canada Standards of Professional Responsibility.

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